Who could have thought in his wildest imagination that all humanity could one day stay indoors worldwide; Even if it was for a day?

The story of the year 2020 cannot be complete in history without the mention of the novel Corona Virus. …

Recently, Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey announced that the company might abandon its 140-character per post limit. Many users have applauded the plan while others objected it as they opined that the fun of tweeting might be neutralised if the scheduled change takes place.

In the history of twitter, many changes…

Hi guys, let’s think of ourselves for a minute. Lets research on some issues concerning us. To be honest with you, I just learnt about some of the shoe names but I would not reveal how plenty or how little I knew about the various male shoe names before now.

Iyk Mezu

Content writer, Digital marketer and Freelancer @ IykMedia Content Services

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